THANK YOU COLDEN for your continued generous support of your Colden Fire Company! Despite the suspension of our 2020 Annual Fund Drive, you still came through and we saw multiple donations in support of our mission to provide Fire and Emergency Medical Services to you throughout the pandemic. ​

Because of your support, not only has the fire company been able to keep the lights on, but late in 2020 we were able to build a new structure for storing equipment. This two bay garage will house our spare hose, our tractor and lawn equipment along with other miscellaneous equipment and supplies that are taking up precious space in our main station. 

We have several fire station improvements being considered at this time to take advantage of newly acquired space as well as some building maintenance that needs to take place. Your donation will help us move forward with some or all of these projects as well as helping us to pay our regular bills. And remember, the Colden Fire Company is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, making your donation tax deductible. Thank you for all your support!


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